about our truck

under the expedition vehicles it is usual that each vehicle has a name.

We named our Unimog  "White Wolf", because our "predator" is also white. The wolf belongs to the family of dogs with the difference, that the body (Chasis) is higher and the head (Driver- Cab) is longer than from a dog. This representation fits very well with our Unimog U 5000.
The other name in our logo on truck is Ushuaia. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and is located in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) at the bottom of South America. The coordinates given in our logo are the data of this city. This is our destination on our trip 2013/2014

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 Engine and Transmission:

4 cylinder engine OM 924 LA (Model 924 916), 4801 cc with turbocharger and intercooler, direct injection

Power: 160kw (218 hp) at a rated speed of 2200 r / min

Torque = 810 Nm at a speed of 1200-1600 r / min

UG 100 transmission (code G28)

Cooling system 26 ltr. (with heater)

registered maximum speed 100 km / h (RV)

8 forward and 6 reverse gears

Teligent circuit (electro-pneumatic circuit EPS)

Front-wheel drive pneumatically activated (all wheel, 4WD)

Electronic Quick Reverse EQR


Weights and Dimensions:

Technically permissible maximum mass of 12.500 kg, downgrade to 7.500 kg

reinforced axles: Front Axle: 737 221, Rear Axle 747 221 

Length: 760 cm, width 241 cm, height 365 cm

Turning circle: 16.3 meters

Watts Depth: 1,20 meters (River Crossing)

Weight with full fuel tanks (440 liters) and full fresh water tank (400 liters) = 11 tons


Standard Equipment:

All-wheel drive with differential locks in both axles, can be electro-pneumatic activated and deactivated during the drive

Cruise control and limiter

2-stage engine brake

Power Steering

Trailer foot forward

Hook ring spring Trailer foot rear (vertical load 700kg)

Hydraulic system with on-plug connections and forward

Outside socket for auxiliary heater

Additional heater with engine preheating

"heated" laminated glass windscreen

Snorkel (air entering on the top of the cab) with grid heater (electric heater)

Exhaust pipe according to above

additional four-wheel parking brake

Cab tilting

Heated and electrically adjustable outside mirrors, wide-angle mirror and ramp mirror

Clearance lights, rear fog lamp and side marker lamps

Headlight range control

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Chassis and Tires:

Typ: 437/435 Modell U 5000

Wheelbase 3.850 mm, portal axes

2 spare wheels mounted on the rear with  a hydraulic lifting platform

Cab and body with a three-point support structure and special frame on the lead frame

permissible front axle load: 6000 kg, rear 7500 kg, 6.94 axle ratio

Tyres: Michelin XZL 365/80 R20 (152 K) to 11-20 SDC Lemmerz rim, width 1920 mm

10x wheel bolt per wheel (M22 x 1.5), PCD 335 mm

Color code: 9678 MB pure white


Living Cabin:

sandwich box 60mm (RG 50), glass fiber reinforced Gelcout outer 3mm, 2mm inner

Floor construction 100mm, 24mm birch plywood, foam and 2x HD 300 6.5 mm birch plywood

All edges and corners are with stainless reinforcements

Angle of 40 °

Sleepers and fittings with gas springs in stainless steel

Expansion in HPL lightweight panels with profiled edges and Burma teak round teak floor


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Bild 1Bild 2Bild 3

Water and Fuel Tanks:

2 pcs diesel tanks PE/HD- plastic (with certificate) total about 440 liters

1 piece fresh water tank, 10 mm plastic PE/HD- in angular shape, total about 400 liters, including reinforced flood walls. Measured via ultrasonic sensors. Tank is installed inside (under the seat). Charging / discharging over-pressure pump.

2 pcs 10 mm PE/HD- gray water tank made of plastic, total about 100 liters, including flood walls. Measured via ultrasonic sensors. Both tanks are fitted outside with heating element for winter. Disposal either manually or via remote control (solenoid valve).

1 pc black water tank (toilet) made ​​of 10 mm PE/HD- plastic, total about 70 liters including flood walls. Measured via ultrasonic sensors. Tank is installed inside directly under the toilet. Disposal either manually or via remote control (solenoid valve)


Entrance/ Stair system:

We went in the planning and creation of the "entry level" ways quite different from the known models. We wanted a stair system that must work from the outside and inside with electric switch. And the stair system should be "self-supporting" works without touching the ground with the same step heights.

According to plan and draw a long time we have invented a stair system that works so well, that we have this filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office with the Patent / Utility Model No. 20 2012 0056 40.9. We now also sell the license for such a stair system or create such a staircase according to customer specifications.


our Entrance sytem

Spare wheel lifting sytem:

our Unimog is equipped with a hydraulic system. This advantage we headed for the benefit and thus solved the problem of on-and off raising the spare wheels.


our Spare wheel lifting sytem


Storage boxes:

With a total of 10 storage boxes we have invested a lot of money. Thus, we have plenty of space for everything necessary for a long journey on board. Housed there is not only a "field kitchen" and "spare parts", but also our "living room air conditioner", "chains", "tools", "wash brushes" and much more.

Electrical Engineering:

24 - volt electric system with a 80 A alternator (2240 watts)

2x 66 amp (12 volts) AGM starter batteries installed in the vehicle interior

6x 210 amp (12V) GEL battery bank (we have in this vehicle no gas for cooking / heating, instead of more batteries and now cook with electricity.

Mastervolt 4000 watt inverter and battery charger

2 pieces Waeco inverter 24 volt to 12 volt

1 pcs inverter (3000 watt) 220 volt/ 110 volt

Philippi System Monitor (PSM) with color display and touch-control for the consumer and starter battery, fresh, gray and black water tank and solar measurement.

Technology Heating / AC:

Südtrac roof air conditioning on the cab for the driver's cab

2500 watt Waeco/Dometic- air conditioning for the living room, built into a storage box .

Webasto Thermo 90 heater (diesel powered) that can be switched as an air blower heater in both, the cab and the living room.

an additional metering pump with switch, so that the Webasto heater also works between 2000-5000 meters (due to less CO2).


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Technology plumbing, bathroom, kitchen, shower:

40 liter water heater Isotherm with adjustable thermostat

We shower in the entrance (and find this the ideal solution, since space-saving)

Entrance with large shower tray in mineral and 2 sequences (left and right tilt of the vehicle)

Pressure water pump and impeller pump

19 Ltr Allpa heat exchanger (water heaters)

additional cold/hot shower unit in a storage box for outdoor showers

mineral sink (trough) in the bathroom, hot / cold

Tecma porcelain toilet (shredders) with Vetus suction vent

Kenwood 3.5 kg washing machine, permanently installed

UV Water Purifier, switchable, built in fresh water tank

additional water filter (Reisser) that can pre-activated if required during refueling

and another Seagull water filter (IV) as a fine filter at the kitchen sink

All water lines are mostly additionally isolated from corrugated stainless steel pipe (VA)



Bedroom: 2x real glass double glazing with blackout and fly screen

Bedroom: 1x real glass double glazed roof hatch with blackout and fly screen

Kitchen / Dining: 2x real glass double glazing (1200x500mm, 1200x600mm) with blackout and fly screen

Bath / Shower: 2x real glass double glazed roof hatch (400x600mm) with blackout and fly screen

Rear: 2x real glass double glazed portholes

1x porthole in the door between shower and the living area


Cab: with...

Südtrac roof air conditioner

2x storage boxes on the roof

2x Recaro seats with seat heating and air conditioning

Dickey seat between the seats

2x extra storage compartments in the front above the windshield

Passage from the cab to the living room with lockable door

additional barriers to the doors

Additional VDO voltmeter and fuel gauge for the 2nd tank

Tire pressure monitor, navigation (Garmin), mobile phone handsfree, inclinometer

2 pcs Wireless Devices

12 volt, 24 volt and 220 volt outlet connections

CD/USB- Pioneer radio with 4 speakers

Cup holders (for cans and bottles)

Cab specially insulated and fitted with felt

1x fire extinguisher 2kg

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Bild 1Bild 2Bild 3

Passage to the cab:

Bellows, removable (for tilting the cab) with enough opportunity entanglement and lockable door


Kitchen and Dining /Living area

2-ring Neff induction hob

Neff combi oven C67P70N0 as oven, grill and microwave, thermo cooking is possible

Mineral basin (trough), hot / cold

additional Seagull water filter (IV) under the sink with a second tap (only cold water)

Samsung 80 cm TV that doubles also for Computer Monitor

Zodac Mini PC, an additional 2 piece hard drives (1TB each) and a UMTS router (mini hotspot), Asus Transformer Tablet

Waeco 2.5 kw air conditioning with remote control

Teak table with multifunction rack and Burma teak floor

110 liter Waeco fridge (CR 110) + 31 ltr Waeco coolbox (CF35)


Garage: (large enough for :)

Camping table, chairs and chair footrest

CF-35 Waeco compressor fridge

Cable and hose drum

380 cm extension ladder, 2 step ladder, two smal stool

Shoe rack and food rack

2x aluminum boxes with auxiliary materials, photo and video equipment


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Accessories / Equipment:

3.5 - kw hydraulic compressor installed in a storage box (with which you can load also the batteries)

2 pcs 2.500 mm tow bars that can be connected with replaceable 40mm, 50mm and NATO eyelet

3000 watt 110 - volt inverter, installed in a storage box


additional hob and double hinged grill for outdoor, built into a storage box

electric winch 5000 kg (used only for small draft work such as firewood, etc.)

Garmin Montana 600 GPS

Foxwing 180 ° awning mounted on the rear with extension to the living room door with side panel

Tire Moni" tire monitoring device TM 210

4x 105 photovoltaic panel (420 Watts)

2x spotlights with LED daytime running lights

6x LED lighting all around 2x left, right, rear. Switched from the cab and living area

2 pcs Wireless Devices

2 pc radio / CD player with Pioneer USB port (1x cab, 1x living cabin)

4 pcs plastic sand sheets


Separ 2000 Fuel filter (water separator)

Oventrop tank switching valve

2x 5 liter steel spare canister (petrol and diesel)

2x Recaro seats with seat heating and seat ventilation and hydraulic suspension seat frame

additional insect protection at the entrance

large acrylic sun visor above the windshield, outside

2x steel chocks

additional compressed air connection to the outside relocated for tire inflation of pneumatic brake

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32 - ton recovery rope, 12 meter long

8 - ton tow rope (Black Snake)

1 St. hydraulic / pneumatic jack 12 tons

+ 1 St. hydraulic jack 12 tons

3 pcs mountains / tree straps different load capacities

6 pcs shackles and pulley 1x Arbil 9 tons

1x fire bowl, housed in a spare wheel well

Hi Lift Jack jack with wheel / shock rod adapter

1x 6 ton jack stand under the front passenger kick on steel plate

1x vise mounted on the front bumper (has already done many good services)

35 qm cables for starter help

20 liters canister, housed in a spare wheel well

2 pcs Pewag (slip) snow chains

Folding shovel ax, pick, hammer

Removable left armrest for the driver's seat

Tool boxes, tapes, cable ties

several hardwoods as a base

2x Ortlieb folding bucket (5 liters + 10 liters)

1x 10 liter waste water tanks

Truck Repair SEALASTIC Flick range + PS liquid sealant with tire pressure hose and pressure gauge

1x ax, 1x machete and 1x Saw (Fiskars)

2x mosquito net +1x mosquito nets roll out, mounted on the bed

Magnesium rod (to make fire)

Various hand lamps

First aid kit, Balistol, mosquito repellent, WD 40, and more



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